İDEA Etkinlik is a space where member individuals and institutions of İDEA Networks and what’s more nonmember individuals and institutions get together and organize a joint event.


İDEA Etkinlik was primarily formed for events within İDEA Programs. The “fee tariff” determined by Municipality of Kadıköy, is valid for activities that coincides with İDEA concept but which are not in İDEA Programs.


The indoor activity space of İDEA Etkinlik has a modular/unitary design for various usage needs. This space which makes organization of two simultaneous events possible, can be organized according to the number of participants and the space requirement. This space was designed to be a part of İDEA Derslik if it is not used for any activity. The garden is the outdoor activity space of İDEA Etkinlik. When the garden is not used for any activity it is used as a service space for Moda Mahalle (Neighborhood) Bistro.


Properties of İDEA Etkinlik


Indoor Activity Space offers;


Outdoor Activity Space offers;



Note: Moda Mahalle Bistro can serve participants of activities on demand.