İşlik is a public, shared and accessible joint working space  which uses interaction, learning, experience, production, sharing and solidarity as base, with the İ.D.E.A Kadıköy concept.

The ones working at İşlik constitute İşlik Community that interact with each other and with the public, that learn together and learn from each other, that provide experience transfer, that create a discussion platform and that produce together.

The ones working in İşlik aim at working and producing both for individual and social benefits. For this reason, while İşlik Community is being formed, it is targeted to bring people together who were trained in various fields and who are from different fields of interests and expertise and who have various professions. It is expected that each member of the community would support the production processes of both her/his own and the other members of the Community.



Monthly Membership services;



Weekend Membership services;



Fixed-Desk Membership services;



Weekdays in working hours membership



Weekdays in evening hours membership



One can benefit from İşlik space by means of a “fee tariff” determined by Municipality of Kadıköy. You can fill our application form   in order to benefit from our membership of Monthly and Weekend in İşlik space.